Decisions vs. Perfect Conditions

Some days are a deep freeze. Other days are tropical paradise. It doesn’t matter. Good weather, support from friends, perfect conditions, family backing you, co-workers encouraging you — nice, but not necessary. You have made up your mind. Nothing will stop you now. Even if everybody thinks you’re “just dreaming” — you keep at it. […]

My favorite self help book Travelers Gift

Hi. Kim here. My marketing guy asked me what my favorite self-help, motivational book was. The answer came to me immediately, with no hesitation: “The Traveler’s Gift — 7 Decisions That Determine Personal Success” by Andy Andrews. **** What is YOUR favorite self-help, positive thinking, inspirational, motivational, life coaching book? (Aside from The Bible).**** post […]

Derrick Tennant keynote speaker for I’VE DECIDED Motivational Conference

Get inspired by Christian “Bleep Free Comedy” stand-up comedian and motivational speaker Derrick Tennant. He’s our keynote speaker at the I’VE DECIDED Motivational Conference at the Peoria Civic Center, on January 17, 2015. Register by December 31, 2015 and SAVE $20. This will make a fantastic Christmas present for those you love, especially people who […]